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Barebones 18650 Li-Ion Battery

Barebones 18650 Li-Ion Battery

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The Replacement Li-ion Battery 18650 can be used on your Barebones Beacon Lantern and Vintage Flashlight. Easily swap out batteries and charge directly through your product's USB port.

*Do not remove the protective film from the battery.


  • Replacement battery for Beacon Lantern and Vintage Flashlight
  • Barebones Specific Li-ion Battery 18650 | 2200mAH 3.7V 8.14Wh
  • Rechargeable via USB through the product
  • Recharge time: 3-5 hours


2.625" x 0.6875" x 0.6875"
0.10 lbs

Country of Origin:
This product is proudly made in China. As a Certified B Corporation, we ensure that our commitment to safe, ethical, and sustainable practices is upheld by each company and artisan that touches our products worldwide, without exception.
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