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Claymore Lamp Cabin

Claymore Lamp Cabin

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The cabin recreated the optimal design to show the beauty of light. Possessing the classic atmosphere of a traditional gas lamp and the simple image of a modern lantern at the same time.


Product Name: CLAYMORE LAMP ‘Cabin’
Model No.: CLL-600IV
Color temperature: 1,300K - 1,500K - 3,000K
Brightness: 30~640 Lumen
Battery capacity: Li-ion 3.6V 6,700mAh (24.12Wh)
Charging time: 5.5hrs
Operating time: 6~55hrs
Input: USB 5V2A
Output: USB 5V2A
Weight: 556g
Color: Ivory
Components: Lantern, Leather strap, Pendant hook, Charging cable(USB Type-C)
Origin: Made In Korea

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